Restore the Trust

Our society faces an erosion of faith in public institutions that makes fertile ground for bigotry, scape-goating and demagoguery. I will  offer myself as a candidate for California State Senate 6 in 2022 as part of an effort to help rebuild that trust.


Political parties should stand for something

The California Democratic Party supports single-payer health care to provide Medicare-style coverage to everyone, but Sacramento’s senator does not. I will give voters a chance to elect a Democrat who will fight for party principles, not undermine them.

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Get corporate money out of politics

Corporations aren’t people. They don’t vote, can’t breath, and don’t fight in wars defending our country. We must work to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, but until then we need to elect candidates who will represent real people. I will run my campaign without accepting any donations from corporations.

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Candidates should talk less and listen more

Campaigns should be conversations, not focus-grouped marketing blitzes where PR consultants bombard voters with TV ads and junk mailers. I will campaign by going door to door in the greater Sacramento region’s many communities and holding listening sessions to learn what voters want done in our Capitol.

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Tell me your ideas

What do you want our state government to focus on to improve our lives in Arden-Arcade, Elk Grove, Sacramento, and West Sacramento?