Derek believes that a legislator’s job is to represent constituents, not impose thier beliefs on the district. Here are some of his ideas that he believes are in the best interests of America and have support from a majority of voters.

Health Care

We should eliminate wasteful profiteering in health care by replacing HMOs and private insurance with a single-payer “Medicare for All” system that provides every Californian with basic health care.


Rents and home prices are skyrockeing in our region due to historic levels of income inequality. Not enough homes are being built because middle-class and low income workers cannot afford them. We need to put more money in the hands of regular Californians by reducing college debt, health care expenses, and transportation costs while boosting income with a strong minimum wage and empowering labor unions to negotiate fair compensation for workers.

Make Government Accountable

We must overturn Citizens United v. FEC and get big money out of politics. We should rein in a runaway Supreme Court and an out of touch Congress with federal term limits. Let’s change how we run campaigns and rely less on TV ads and more on grassroots listening sessions.

Fight Climate Change and Protect Public Health

We should ban fracking, accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels, and protect the Sacramento Delta and our clean air.

Uphold the Rights and Dignity of Everyone

Let’s treat each other with respect regardless of our sexual identity, religion, or ethnic background. Black lives matter. We must protect the undocumented from cruel treatment and preserve every woman’s access to abortion. Let’s stand up to bigotry and sexual harrassment when we see it.